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You probably know your visual acuity, but do you know how your eyes are? In an eye health examination, the entire eye is examined and the Alanya Optician can detect various eye diseases and help you who have dry eyes.

We are getting more and more people in Alanya who are getting older. Over the past 50 years, the number of people over 45 years increased from about 3 million to 4.5 million-and with age the risk of eye diseases. Cataracts, glaucoma and age-related changes in the macula are diagnoses that many have heard about. An eye health examination can detect them in a timely manner.

Most are used to going to the Alanya Optician for a check of visual acuity, but many of our opticians also offer eye health surveys, experts say, an interact optician at Pratik Optik in Alanya.

Pratik Optik has for a couple of years developed the concept of eye health surveys and her shop is one of those who now received the designation Eye Health Center where specially trained staff using advanced technical equipment offer eye health check.

The task of an Alanya Optician is to distinguish the sick eye from the healthy eye and help customers with suspected eye disease further in the care chain. Opticians now play an increasingly important role in the collaboration with the ophthalmologists and we help to sift out who needs a referral to ophthalmologists and who can stay with us.

Alanya Optician

In our company, product recommendation is made within the scope of eye health screening. The eye health survey can detect the three most common eye diseases cataracts, green cataracts and age changes in the yellow spot. Cataracts are a common disease and mean that the lens becomes cloudy. Glaucoma, affecting the optic nerve with visual field loss as a result. Often, high eye pressure plays a role in this disease.

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